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Introduction to Cad Software:

Since it's development in the early 1960's, there has been countless CAD software to come on the market. The amazing thing is that there isn't one particular program, which can clearly claim dominance over all the other Computer-Aided Design software. This is due to the fact that most of them have either merged or were taken over, leaving almost half of the CAD software on the market coming from four major companies. Form time to time there are smaller companies, which do enter the market that fit the needs of a specific markets, however once these smaller companies prove to be
successful, they too either merge or get taken over by the other companies.

The assortment packages of CAD software are divided into three main types: the 2-dimensional drafting system; 3-dimensional solid feature modeler; 3-dimensional hybrid systems. However, it is important to realize that most two-dimensional packages may contain the three-dimensional features of the other two. The packages have attuned to one
another, resulting in a high-end system, which develops with the user-interface of Windows program. Some programs even have file-sharing compatibility, resulting in a more accurate product.

When selecting CAD software you have to choose that for your field of expertise as some manufacturers have their products centered on Architecture, which won't help you if you are a fashion designer trying to re-work next seasons shoe line.

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Prehistoric CAD
CAD (Computer Aided Design) software was invented in 1960's, years before the first IBM PC's ever made it to market.

CAD Acronyms
CAD is computer assisted or computer aided drafting and is the use in a wide range of computer-based tools, which assist engineers, architects, and other design professionals.